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About Me

I’ve been a student of God’s Word and a Bible teacher at heart for close to 30 years, and I love to ignite a passion for Jesus in others through the scriptures.

Psalm 119:32 inspired the theme for my blog:


"I run in the path of Your commands, for You have set my heart free."


For many years, I failed to connect the dots between freedom of heart and a passionate pursuit of God’s commands. God’s truth makes us whole and sets us free from bondage, but my natural bent and religious upbringing taught me to follow rules and please God by obedience. Therefore, I pursued God’s commands out of duty and obligation instead of freedom and joy.

Eventually, failures and the crushing disappointments of life began to slowly implode every square inch of my carefully constructed belief system until I was left with my empty, disillusioned self.

In one way or another, life can disappoint each of us and destroy our innocent, often unrealistic expectations.  Relationships shatter. Health fails. Careers vaporize. Finances crumble. Failures overwhelm.

When sorrow and adversity move in, we are faced with a few choices:

We can crumble to the ground in pieces.

We can grow cold, calloused and numb.

We can become angry and bitter, and fight back.

Or we can find a wise, trusted friend or pastor – or a gifted counselor – to help us process through the pain, the heartbreak and the soul ache of an unexpected life.

I did all of the above. And in exactly that order. But God, in His amazing grace and faithfulness, began to day-by-day restore me to wholeness, setting my heart free

From bondage to sin,
From the lies of the enemy,
From the pain of my past,
From the shame of failure,
From the bitterness of betrayal,
From the sorrow of shattered dreams.

Through the pages of scripture, God’s unrelenting love continues to set me free to experience more of His Presence through an intimate, genuine relationship with Him. And I delight to see others made whole and set free by Him as they dig into His truth and apply it to their lives.

I invite you to join me, to experience the joy and freedom I am finding in the Word of God. Let’s run together in the path of His commands!