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Religion vs Relationship Lead Magnet

I’m Tammy and here’s what I want you to know right up front:

For so many years I worked really hard to do the right things so that I would get the right results. Because as a rule following church girl, that’s how I thought the Christian life worked.

Eventually, I discovered that formulas never work with God. Neither does religion. Jesus didn’t save us so we would be bound to a system of rules; He set us free so we could enjoy Him in a relationship of love.

If you’ve ever struggled to measure up to a standard, if you’ve ever longed for a deeper relationship with God, if you've ever wanted to live with freedom and joy in who He created you to be, welcome!

How The Impossible Becomes Possible

No one gets through life without eventually encountering unexpected detours, delays, and dead ends. When our agenda gets hijacked and we feel backed into a corner, we often believe we must have missed God somewhere along the way. That we did something wrong. That we’re not where we’re supposed to be. In those moments, we…
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Do You Know What’s Even BETTER Than Google Maps?

You may find this hard to believe, but once upon a time, there was no Google Maps. Shocking, I know. To navigate unknown territory, our options were either a fold-out printed map or verbal directions from a “local yokel”.  Which could be tricky, at best. “Drive a few miles past that curve in the road…
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How To Be An Awesome Travel Partner

How would Jesus describe you as a traveling companion? In my previous blog post, I described our life with God as a pilgrimage; a long journey on a path with Him in a world where we don’t belong, heading to a home we have never known. Are you an enjoyable traveling partner? My first trip…
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3 Ways To Enjoy Life With Jesus

What do you believe needs to change about yourself or your circumstances in order for your relationship with God to be better, stronger, or healthier? It’s so easy to think we need something about ourselves to be different in order for our relationship with God to be better ~ that our behavior should improve, that…
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