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Three Daily Practices from Tammy Herzig

I’m Tammy and here’s what I want you to know right up front:

For so many years I worked really hard to do the right things so that I would get the right results. Because as a rule following church girl, that’s how I thought the Christian life worked.

Eventually, I discovered that formulas never work with God. Neither does religion. Jesus didn’t save us so we would be bound to a system of rules; He set us free so we could enjoy Him in a relationship of love.

If you’ve ever struggled to measure up to a standard, if you’ve ever longed for a deeper relationship with God, if you've ever wanted to live with freedom and joy in who He created you to be, welcome!

The #1 Way You Can Stop Failing and Finally Start Changing

I burned my old journal pages. Ripped them clean out of the carefully selected, beautifully bound book, tossed them into the fire, and watched them melt to ash. Their reminders of defeat would mock me no more. Too many entries revealed failure after failure to sustain lasting transformation. Exposed inabilities to reach the ideals in…
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If You Wanna Go To Heaven, Now is a Great Time To Do It!

What if the gospel isn’t what you’ve always thought it was? What if it’s better than you’ve ever imagined? In my last post, I suggested that most Christians believe the message of the Gospel is essentially about how we deal with sin.  That salvation is about Jesus’ death on a cross for our forgiveness, and…
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What If The Gospel Is Not What You’ve Always Believed?

Most Christians describe the Gospel as Jesus' death for our sins and that our belief in Him secures our entrance into heaven after we die.
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How The Impossible Becomes Possible

No one gets through life without eventually encountering unexpected detours, delays, and dead ends. When our agenda gets hijacked and we feel backed into a corner, we often believe we must have missed God somewhere along the way. That we did something wrong. That we’re not where we’re supposed to be. In those moments, we…
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Sign up today and immediately receive 3 Daily Practices for a Deeper Relationship with Jesus!