How The Impossible Becomes Possible

No one gets through life without eventually encountering unexpected detours, delays, and dead ends.

When our agenda gets hijacked and we feel backed into a corner, we often believe we must have missed God somewhere along the way.

That we did something wrong.

That we’re not where we’re supposed to be.

In those moments, we can feel doubt, confusion, fear, and even shame. We think we should have known better, planned better, done better.

But have you ever thought that just maybe you are exactly where God led you?

In Exodus 13, after Pharaoh released Israel from captivity, God led His people out of Egypt toward the land of Canaan. But His route was not the most convenient one. He didn’t take them on the direct road.

Instead, God led them on the longer, unusual route; a detour across more miles than required, directly into a dead end.

The Red Sea.

And after He instructed them to make camp in this particular location, He hardened Pharaoh’s heart to such an extent that he changed his mind and chased them down.

With Pharaoh’s approaching army on one side and the Red sea on the other, Israel found themselves in a pickle! They were exactly where God led them, doing exactly what God told them to do, and they were backed into a corner.

God’s path led straight to impossibility.

When is the last time you felt as if you were between a rock and a hard place while following Jesus? How do you typically respond when God’s path leads you to an impossible situation?

The detours, delays, and dead ends we experience in life can be so incredibly bewildering, frustrating, and distressing, but they can provide invaluable opportunities for us to encounter God in profoundly beautiful ways.

As Moses stretched his hand over the sea, the Lord drove it back throughout the night with a strong wind and made a way through the impossible.

What impossible situation are you facing and why would God lead you there?  So He can reveal Himself to you and give you the opportunity to see what only He can make possible.

Ultimately, it’s not about the delays and the dead ends on the journey, but how we choose to respond to them, and what we discover about God in their midst.  Our detours are integral to the journey of pilgrimage.

So pay close attention to your experiences, and mine the gold waiting to be discovered.

God is waiting to show Himself faithful!

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  1. LaRaine DelCastillo on July 15, 2021 at 7:54 PM

    Having someone to help me realize that the place I’m at is just where God wants me to be. Being open to the new and different paths than what I think I should be on, learn not to be so stubborn and let God do His work in me.

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