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Welcome To My Speaking Page

My goal as a speaker is to equip and inspire your audience with practical ways to experience God's love and walk in relationship
with Him through His Word.

Whether you are thinking about planning an event or are actively looking for a speaker, everything you need to know is right here.

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Stand Your Ground

Searching For God's Will

Stuck on Repeat


What others are saying about Tammy...

Tammy preaches and teaches the word of God in a very powerful yet sweet way.

She has opened my eyes and heart to God's word in ways I had not previously understood.

Tammy breaks down the truth of God's word so that others can learn and understand on their own.

Tammy shows others how to live and walk daily with God and His word.

Tammy empowers others by teaching them how to study the word of God and connect to Him personally.

Tammy is vulnerable and honest. She is willing to share her personal struggles as she helps others move past their own.

Tammy is a gifted Bible study teacher, communicator, and leader.

"Tammy’s deep, personal relationship with God creates dynamic, innovative and effective communication. Tammy's messages are always rich with inspiration and insight. I strongly recommend her fresh and refreshing approach to Biblical truth."

- Joe Calhoon, Author and Certified Speaking Professional

"Tammy is a gifted communicator. I have invited her to speak to our church many times. She is always well prepared, biblically sound and presents with the poise and passion of a seasoned speaker. Her messages are clear and convincing and she brings with them a conviction of the Holy Spirit. She is prayerful and compassionate and lives by the principles she teaches."

- Barry Clair, Lead Pastor
Tiffany Fellowship Church

"I make time in my schedule for Tammy’s studies – they’re that valuable to me. Every time I participate, I grow in my relationship with God. She doesn’t simply repeat what she’s learned, she leads you to the source and teaches you how to connect with your Creator. I am so grateful for Tammy and all she does to help me grow in my faith."

- Brittany Jobkar

"I have taken many classes from Tammy for over 20 years. Her teaching is easy to understand and her approach is very practical. Her classes are educational, understandable and enjoyable. Because of my participation in her classes I have grown in my relationship with the Lord and become a lover of the Word of God. I highly recommend her classes, teaching and anything she writes."

- Ginger Behr

"Tammy Herzig is an articulate and engaging spokesperson for the pro-life position. Her well-crafted presentation is a balanced combination of real-life facts, personal experience and biblical truth. In addition to her communication skills, Tammy has extensive first-hand experience as a pregnancy resource center volunteer and as a board member.  She brings great passion and clarity to her audience."

- Sue Vogt, Board Chair
Rachel House Pregnancy Resource Centers, Inc.

Speaking Topics

Here are a few of my speaking topics. As a speaker for your event, I will customize these messages to minister
to the specific needs of your audience. If you have any questions, please contact me through the Speaking Inquiry form.

It’s Still Good News!

Understand and enjoy the incredible benefits package of a relationship with Jesus. Christianity isn't all about you and what you must do; it's all about Jesus and what He has already done!


Experience the immeasurable depths of God's love. Everyone knows what it feels like to be rejected, but when we truly understand God's love, we will encounter the grace-filled reality of being His chosen ones.

A Biblical Perspective on Life

Tammy has been a voice for the unborn for over a decade as a speaker for the Sanctity of Human Life. Her experience enables her to help your audience understand God’s love for the unborn and actively respond to mothers in need with the love, grace and compassion of the gospel.

Stand Your Ground

Live aware of the unseen forces coming against you and learn practical skills to win the battle against them. This can be a single message, or a series of three messages.

Searching For God’s Will

Find the keys to discovering God's will. We have so many questions about God's plan for our lives, but we're often confused about the necessary steps to get there. This message will help unravel the mystery.

Heartache to Healing

Discover God's surprising path to redeeming pain, betrayal, and disappointment. In this series of 4 messages, Tammy shares the recovery story from her own marriage. Topics include: The God Who Rescues, The God Who Restores, The God Who Reconciles, and The God Who Redeems.

Stuck on Repeat

Examine areas of personal bondage and encounter the tenderness of Jesus toward our struggles with repetitive patterns.

A Story Worth Telling

Dive into the adventure of sharing Jesus with others. Every Christian can learn how to confidently share their God story.  We simply need the right tools! This can be a single message or a workshop of three sessions.

My Promise To You and Your Audience

The success of an event depends just as much on what happens off-stage as what happens on-stage. You can expect from me:

  • Prayerful, personalized preparation of my messages
  • Extra-mile engagement with your audience (I love connecting with attendees before and after sessions)
  • Strict adherence to time limits and event guidelines
  • Prompt, punctual and clear communication on all logistics

My Speaking Bio

Tammy Herzig has been a student of God's word and a Bible teacher at heart for over 30 years and her passion is to connect others to the heart of God through the pages of His word. Tammy's ability to speak truth with strength and vulnerability cultivates a personal connection with her audience. A Kansas City native, Tammy has been married for over 38 years, has two grown children and grandchildren who delight her heart beyond words. She enjoys time with her family, coffee with friends, reading, hiking, and playing with her dog, Samson.